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Psychotherapist & Mediator

I run a private therapy practice in Y Felinheli and online. I also work with organisations and communities to resolve relationship conflict. I am also a volunteer director for the social enterprise Nomad I'r Enaid. 

BACP Accredited Member 384607

EMDR UK Association Member

EMDR Europe Accredited Standard Training, 2023
MSc Counselling, Distinction 2020
BA Philosophy and English Language, 1st Class 2014


I have a lifelong curiosity for the workings of human nature, from both western and eastern perspectives. I enjoy bringing together a variety of models to help navigate all that daily life can throw at us. For me it’s about finding a balance between the heady intellect and the heartfelt intuitive nature of our emotions. They are both equally important.

I am passionate about being in wild nature. It brings me back to the fundamentals of presence, play, rest, passion, curiosity, humility, awe.

It’s a core value to bring my authentic self to this work. We are all a work in progress.

Ben Ford Coach

I bring a balance between encouraging all the lightness and amazingness of humanity, whilst also creating space and permission for the dark and challenging shadows and issues that hold us back and restrict us from being our full selves.

For me, it’s all about relating. Whether that’s relating to our own inner self-talk, to others, or to the cultural and political landscape around us. These relationships might be starting, deepening, in conflict, ending, or mourning. Whatever the phase, spending time exploring and growing in our awareness is valuable. From that place of increased awareness we find more choices and options to live an aligned life.

My Journey So Far


My personal therapeutic work begins with a series of intensive personal development retreats focusing on Jungian Archetypes and shadow work. I still continue with this inner exploration in a weekly peer-led process group. 

Ben Ford Consultant Sunset
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