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counselling & 

in North Wales

Face to face 
& online

I am a compassionate, sensitive, and focused psychotherapist, committed to helping you overcome what you're facing so that you can thrive. 

I work with adults who have experiences of trauma and childhood adversity, as well as those wanting to address their anxiety and depression related issues.


Face-to-face sessions are held at Port Dinorwic Marina, Y Felinheli. There is free parking, toilets, and wheelchair accessibility.

Sessions can also take place on video calls, over the phone, or via emails.


Hello, and welcome. 


counselling in North Wales


" I bring a light-hearted, positive nature to sessions that welcomes the fullness of who you are, and who you want to be".

Together we can make meaningful and lasting improvements in your life.

I specialise in helping adults with anxiety, depression, trauma, and men's mental health.


The conversation might focus on your past, how you are right now, or where you want to be in the future. 

Are you feeling stuck? 


Counselling can help you to explore new perspectives on the situation. In a short time, you may grow in understanding and new ways to deal with the issues you face. 

Struggling to cope?


Sometimes, there comes a point when it's time to unwind what's going on. Having someone alongside you helps. 

Human's are complicated. The world we live in, even more so. Therapy affords you time out to regroup, recover, and figure out the next step in your life.

Is your past still effecting you? 


Traumatic experiences and 

adversity in childhood can negatively effect daily life long after the events occurred. Counselling can be a safe place to bring a sense of resolution and regulation.



        Ben was very professional, but also friendly. He was easy to talk to, listened effectively and chose careful questions to make me think in different ways about different scenarios. I will be forever grateful to him for the positive effect he has had on my life

        Having just completed 12 weeks with Ben I can honestly say that it has made a big difference in all areas my life. I was very wary of what was going to happen but felt completely at ease from the first session and every session after that. I did leave there a few times tearful, but I did get a lot of things sorted in my head, off my chest and felt ready to move on with different areas in my life

        I cannot say how highly I regard Ben’s work, he has been brilliant. He has listened, understood, and given me suggestions where needed. No amount of thanks or words will be enough to express the difference he has made to my life, and how grateful I am


Sessions cost £50.00 and last 50 minutes. 


I work with people on a weekly basis, at the same time each week. This helps to keep organisation simple and creates a sense of regularity and rhythm which helps the progress. Upon finishing a course, some people choose to call back for one off sessions at a later date. These can be more coaching-orientated and solution focused.


I take payment either by bank transfer ahead of the session, or with cash. 

Cancellations within 24hrs before the session and missed sessions are charged the full fee.


frequently asked questions


Being an Integrative Counsellor means working in a way that draws from a wide range of theories about human nature, and modalities for how to work with clients. This multi-faceted way of working reflects our inherent uniqueness. I can offer multiple ways of working, dependent on each person's needs. Find out more