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I help resolve conflict and get your teams unstuck.

Let's get to the heart of what is happening, then figure out what needs to be done. My finely honed communication and observation skills can enable people better listen and be heard, and move through conflict more ease-fully.  

Deepen Communication
Resolve Conflict
Improve Working Relationships
Grow Emotional Intellegence
Solve Big Problems
Build Psychological Safety

This is not about being soft.

It's about getting real. 

Eric's Testimonial of Ben Ford's Consulting skills

Eric, Director of Eco-system Growth

"I met Ben at a workshop where I was impressed with his keen perception, compassion, and capacity for articulating things clearly. He visited my team for two days in the New Forest. Ben came in and was open, and held a really cool space for an emergent process. He was keen to learn about the team and company dynamics that play out across a bunch of dimensions of our business. My team have developed a very particular language and culture around how we work. Ben was able to go into that deep place, without having to understand the complex technical details about our products. From there we were able to talk in a different way, in a way that we aren’t normally able to do on a daily basis."

Caspar Walsh,  Founder & Creative Director, Rite To Freedom


"I've worked with Ben since 2014. His courageous commitment to his truth and healing was palpable from the very start of our journey together. Ben is a human being I trust and admire. His steady growth as a therapist and group facilitator has been a joy to witness and be part of. He naturally engenders openness and trust with the groups we work with, bringing a steady balance of vulnerability and strength to his facilitation. This is a rare gift. He collaborates generously with clarity and gentle power. As a mentor to Ben I have learnt much from him, about life and work and the long road to healing. He is a deeply valued colleague and friend and offers much inspiration and hope in these dark times. Ben is part of a new generation of facilitators and the world needs what he brings". 

The process starts with a phone call to explore your needs and how I can help. 

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