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What Does Growth & Change Actually Look Like?

Sometimes psychological change is really obvious, like one day the leaves are green, then the next they are brown. Change and growth can also lie below the surface of our awareness for a while. A bit like a plant that grows unnoticed. Suddenly it’s woah! Look how much it’s grown!

A metaphor of a tree is helpful as it represents an eco-system. All parts of the tree have a job, a responsibility, and a contribution to the whole. Parts of the tree can represent the various aspects of our human experience. Bits are visible, bits are hidden. All are important.

Sometimes change and growth is foundational. It builds a platform for us to flourish, but is not easily seen…

Sometimes change and growth doesn't just feel great, it bears fruits in our lives. Other people might start to notice too.

Unfortunately sometimes our culture encourages quick wins, speedy growth and quick results. The trouble is it may not be that resilient later on down the line when the going gets tough.

Our culture focus’ a lot on the individual. But realistically we are social, collective humans. Our psychological growth, change and development sits within a much bigger picture than just us as individuals. So whatever growth we’re up to, it has the potential to ripple outwards and effect those around us.


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