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I run a private therapy and coaching practice in Y Felinheli and online. I also work with organisations through facilitation, workshops, and talks. I co-lead recovery retreats with Rite to Freedom and am a director for the social enterprise Nomad I'r Enaid. I also co-lead a weekly men’s process group.  

BACP Accredited Member 384607

EMDR UK Association Member

EMDR Europe Accredited Standard Training, 2023
MSc Counselling, Distinction 2020
BA Philosophy and English Language, 1st Class 2014

Professional Cover Photo for Ben Ford, Coach, Therapist, Consultant

My Story

Life started for me on the wild north coast of Cornwall in a run-down miner’s cottage in the middle of a field. I was the high energy, musical, high sensitivity, dyslexic kid. Always to be found grubbing around somewhere outside. I was the last of the kids to grow up with dial up internet, brick phones, CD's and tapes, and no social media.

Childhood Photo of Ben Ford learning the drums
Ben Ford Musician playing a gig in North Wales

Around 20, I felt uncomfortable, like a conflicted square peg trying to squeeze myself into round holes. I had this felt sense that various past experiences and traumas were getting in the way of me living fully. Conformity alone didn’t seem like an option, but neither was totally ousting myself from 'the system'. I was stuck in this liminal place of not knowing how to align my values with how society expected me to live. 

By chance I found myself immersed in the world of group work and rites of passage retreats around the Jungian Archetypes. It cracked all the various shells I had built around myself. I encountered great role models and mentors who showed me that there are places and people safe enough to hold all of that inner shadowy gnarly-ness. I learnt that I don’t need to go at it all alone.

Ben Ford Cold Water Swimming

I worked a myriad of odd jobs whilst I wandered around, wondering what I was going to do with myself. Always present was a rubber band pulling me back to places and people doing their inner work. I was psyched for it, participating and volunteering on as many different retreats with as many organisations as I could get on or afford. I read feverishly, and went down all sorts of interesting rabbit holes. (This endeavour is an ongoing one!)


This inner drive emerged, fuelled by a deep fascination for our humanity, relationships, groups, and productivity. I was discovering all these exciting ways we can update old and inherited inner-programming to heal from traumatic pasts. 

I found myself at the heart of a grassroots charity leading gritty and transformative retreats for groups of people in addiction recovery. In hindsight, I was an  apprentice in group leadership, facilitation, and therapeutic work.


I learnt how to listen, to build psychological safety in groups, to explain concepts, and to hold people through the scary process of collective and individual self-discovery.


I was developing a balance between encouraging all the lightness and amazingness of humanity, whilst also creating the space and permission to explore the dark, grizzly shadows that hold us back and restrict us in all those pervasive ways. 

Ben Ford Climbing on Tryfan, North Wales

I was figuring out how to take all my inherent sensitivities and put them to good use. 

At some point during all the group work, I started to consider working one to one. I moved to North Wales, completed a 2 year MSc in Counselling, and forged my one to one practice by volunteering for the NHS primary care mental health service.

I now run a private therapy and coaching practice in Y Felinheli and online, as well as co-lead recovery retreats with Rite to Freedom. I am a volunteer director for the social enterprise Nomad I'r Enaid, and I co-lead a weekly men’s process group. I work with organisations through facilitation, workshops, and talks. 

Ben Ford Consultant Sunset
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