Hi, I'm Ben!

I help people get unstuck and enable them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Coaching &
Conflict Resolution


You won't find any unrealistic promises of outcome here. Just Presence and Curiosity.

> I work with individuals, teams, and groups. 

> I listen to you. Deeply.

> I ask really good questions. 

> You might tell me stories about your work and life. I might also talk about mine.

> By bringing all of myself, I invite you to do the same.


P.S. I may or may not sit still, and I may or may not wear shoes.


Grow. Shift     Explore. Unlock. Resolve...

Notice. Support. Toil...Relax. Resume.  
Regress. Come Back Better. Breathe

Think / Feel  / Behave 
 Past / Present Future 


It's all welcome here. 

  • We can work by the hour. We can work by the day.

(we could do half a day as well)

  • I can visit you. You can visit me. 

(we can talk on the phone, too)

  • Yes to Lively Conversation

  • Yes to Relationship and Challenge

  • Yes to Emergence

  • Yes to Accountability

  • Yes to Movement

  • No to Online Programs

  • No to Structured Processes

  • No to Scripts

  • No to Homework

Case Studies

 My Teachers and mentors

My mission is to create a kind and loving world by allowing and acknowledging what is alive in us all.

​This  guiding statement helps me to co-create a better world by informing my decisions. I choose to work with people and companies that hold similar values as me. 

I particularly enjoy working with people with neurodiversities such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia and ASD. 


intersectionality and difference. 

I am also a Registered Integrative Psychotherapist, where my work abides by a rigorous set of ethical and moral principles.


Mission & Values